Top CleanTech Companies in Europe

Technology is playing a pivotal role in helping stop climate change. Companies are scaling quickly, and building genuinely innovative products which consumers and businesses are using to help the fight against the climate crisis! We wanted to showcase some of the top CleanTech’s / GreenTech’s in Europe right now. 

But first, what Is CleanTech or GreenTech?

Any system, item, or service that lowers adverse effects on the environment via major emission reductions, the use of renewable resources, or environmental protection efforts is referred to as clean technology or CleanTech.

When green chemistry, environmental studies, and environmental monitoring are used to preserve the natural environment and its resources, this is referred to as green technology or GreenTech for short. 


Tibber, a business based in Stockholm, has developed an app that serves as a household energy advisor. The program functions as a smart assistant that can purchase, regulate, and conserve energy on your behalf. 

You may purchase your electricity directly via the app, which also analyses your household energy usage and uses smart analysis methods to find strategies to save energy. It also lets you control your household power usage using your smartphone. Tibber, which was founded in 2016, has generated a profit of over $1.8 million to date.

You can find more about Tibber here

Orbital Systems

Orbital Systems, a Swedish firm based in Malmo, first cooperated with NASA to create the technology for its OAS shower system, which promises to reduce the wastage of water from showers by up to 90 per cent. 

OAS essentially repurposes the same water through a purification system, thereby utilizing just two gallons of water per shower instead of the 20 gallons required in a regular shower. The business aims to deploy this space-developed technology in residential homes, which will save water and help people save a lot of money on their water bills. An incredible company and we’re looking forward to seeing these guys expand across Europe!

You can find more about Orbital Systems here

VOI Technology

VOI Technology is another Stockholm-based company that runs an electric scooter market for city travellers. It is used by over 4 million people daily or to discover new towns. This technology provides a cleaner, faster, and more inexpensive mode of transportation. 

The company is on a mission to deliver long-term, comprehensive transportation solutions that allow individuals to travel freely while also assisting cities in meeting their 2030 climate targets. They’re definitely gaining traction across major European cities, but some countries are unsure about electric scooters. We think they’re great, and it’s awesome to see them popping up around London! 

You can find more about VOI Technology here, (And download their app!)


Climeworks is a clean technology firm that uses viable carbon dioxide extraction methods to capture this gas from the air. Its plants use gentle heat as a fuel source and a filter to capture CO2. This CO2 gas can then be sold for use in industrial processes. 

This technology essentially lets people capture their CO2 emissions and repurpose them instead of releasing them into the atmosphere.

You can find out more about them here


tado˚ has taken the European CleanTech market by storm, particularly recently with their announcement to acquire green energy supplier ‘aWATTar’ in Austria, and their plans to go public via a SPAC Merger this year! But even prior to this news, Tado was a big deal by producing innovative products that allow you to intelligently climate control your home. These products not only allow you to control your heating/ cooling systems using technology but also significantly reduce your personal carbon output. 

We wish tado˚ all the best in their plans to go public this year, and continue to fly the flag of innovation for CleanTech in Europe! 

You can find out more about them here


Ducky is another Norwegian company that focuses on climate change by educating people about climate change and providing them with the tools to reduce their impact. Ducky’s platform provides various products centred around climatic and environmental research results, including a climate calculator that allows you to track your carbon footprint. 

It also helps you understand climate psychology and participate in team challenges to reduce emissions. Businesses, organizations, and schools can use the start-up’s tools to reduce their carbon footprint.

Find out more about Ducky here

WeEngage CleanTech is dedicated to supporting purpose-driven organisations and we’re excited for the future of technology playing a pivotal role in stopping climate change.

Do you know a CleanTech we should spotlight, or are you a CleanTech business yourself looking to be featured? Do get in touch with us!

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