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Everyone relies on the healthcare system at some point in their lives. There is more than meets the eye when it comes to providing good healthcare and often a number of different services and products are needed to help treatment. This includes numerous devices, equipment, medication, disposables, and personal protective equipment that must be readily available but also technology systems running in the background. But there’s a rise in Entrepreneurs spotting areas for improvement, and innovation. 

We wanted to showcase some of the top HealthTechs in Europe through our blog series, Pioneer Spotlight. And here are a few companies we’d love to bring to your attention and demonstrate their incredible work. 

But first, what Is HealthTech?

The World Health Organization defines health technology, or HealthTech for short, as the use of structured knowledge and expertise in healthcare equipment, medications, vaccinations, techniques, and technology systems to address health problems and enhance people’s quality of life! WeEngage HealthTech is here to support companies with their search for professionals!

Here are a few in Europe to keep your eye on 

Babylon Health

Babylon Health’s mission is to make health care accessible and inexpensive to everybody on the earth. In the United Kingdom, the firm has acquired recognition for providing online medical services for NHS users, such as online consultations and chatbot health screenings.

They’re one of the fastest-growing health techs not only in Europe but across the world and, according to CrunchBase, raised an incredible $1.1 Billion before their IPO in October of 2021. I think this just goes to show what can be achieved in the sector! 

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Nikolaus and Antonia Albert started Careship in 2015 because of their personal experience. Its purpose is to provide support to individuals, healthcare advice, and hourly assistance to elders, families, and caregivers to increase their enthusiasm for life. 

The company essentially helps families decide what the right care options are that best meet their loved ones’ needs. These include how to keep them company, what help is needed in the home, and what recreational activities to involve them in. Based in Berlin, the company has 49 employees and seems to be going from strength to strength! 

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Neurovalens / Modius Health

Neurovalens, a Belfast-based HealthTech company, has created wearables that track user health. Modius Sleep and Modius Health are two of the business’s new offerings. Modius Health is essentially a headband that buzzes to help you lose weight. 

On the other hand, Modius Sleep aims to solve sleep difficulties without using drugs. The primary focus is on addressing the neurologic aspects of obesity with brain and hypothalamic stimulation. A truly pioneering company and one showcasing how wearable technology can be truly beneficial to our health. 

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Elvie’s two primary inventions are the Elvie Pump, an inconspicuous, wearable breast pump, and the Elvie Trainer, a tool for exercising the pelvic floor space in five-minute intervals. The trainer is being used by the National Health Service in the United Kingdom, and the company just earned $42 million in Series B funding.

The firm’s CEO comes from a non-traditional IT background, with experience working for the United Nations and other institutions as an advocate for women’s health. She was motivated to start her company because she was enraged by the low quality of women’s health technologies she observed. 

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Another impressive HealthTech startup is accuRx. The company uses digital solutions to bring together all the people involved in a patient’s care. It is essentially a communications tool that is used by 98 percent of NHS GP practices and 90 percent of NHS trusts. They excelled through the pandemic supporting the NHS at a critical time. An incredible business founded to really change the lives of patients on a daily basis. 

The products include video communication, text messaging, and the sharing of digital documents, so patients need not travel to their doctor’s office to get a prescription for example. The company has raised a total of 35 Million £ and the future looks bright for this fantastic London based company! 

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Doctolib is one of Europe’s leading online scheduling systems and administration software for physicians, with 45,000 healthcare personnel, 1,000 health institutions, and 16 million customers using it every month. It provides doctors with a broad variety of services to help them manage their appointments, reduce no-shows, and introduce new patients. 

The software is a free digital service that allows patients to identify a local healthcare professional and make medical or dentist appointments 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with just a few clicks.

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Health Hero

HealthHero is a virtual health company that provides high-quality remote medical consultations by combining the human experience with digital accessibility. It gives patients, insurance policy owners, and workers remote access to seasoned physicians and expert therapists. 

This HealthTech startup offers a comprehensive range of clinical services delivered via a digital platform. The company, based primarily in London, also has operations in France and Ireland. It recently announced the purchase of Qare, a French digital health innovator, in the hope of becoming Europe’s biggest telehealth startup.

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Apricity is the first AI fertility centre on the planet, putting people and their unique needs at the centre of the process. It has virtual tools and services that may be customized. 

Women can personalise their experiences and receive access to the best healthcare professionals and treatments in a streamlined approach that combines AI technology with a human touch. Apricity has also created sophisticated algorithms to guide treatment administration for individuals and couples, ensuring the best possible outcomes. The company says, “IVF has been around for 40 years, yet the way care is accessed hasn’t changed, often leaving women and couples anxious, exasperated or confused by their treatment. Apricity is here to change that.”

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Thank you for taking the time to read our blog. It’s incredible to see a list of companies pioneering the future of health care! We really hope you found it insightful and interesting.

Do you know a HealthTech we should spotlight, or are you a HealthTech business yourself looking to be featured? Do get in touch with us!

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