Pledge 1%

Our Social & Community Commitment

1% of Time, Resources & Profits.

Pledge 1% for us is about giving back to our local community. We’re dedicated to giving back 1% of our time, Resources & Profits to local causes that are close to our hearts!

WeEngage Group has been part of Pledge 1% since the start and we’re looking forward to growing with this initiative as the business continues to grow sticking true to one of our main values; Give Back.

Placing CSR at the heart of what we do, with the aim of creating a meaningful culture for all current and future employees, where giving back is truly in our DNA.

What are our 2024 goals?

1% of our time

We aim to work with local charities and institutions donating our employee’s time to help out and support their causes. We are looking to partner with other pledge 1% companies to have maximum impact.  Our goal is 3 days per employee, per year. 

1% of our resources 

We want to work with companies, charities or institutions that are looking for support with their hiring, job specifications, or looking for their teams to be educated on the climate crisis, and recruitment!. Our goal is 30 podcast episodes, and 4 speaking events next year as a company. 

1% of our profits 

Simply, at the end of our financial year, we will be donating 1% of our profits to good causes. This is calculated once we have completed our financial accounts for the year in question. We choose our charity partner with our team once a year! 

July 2023 - Shoreditch park - London

Our 2023 Charity Partner

4Louis offers memory boxes filled with keepsakes to support families grieving child loss. They host fundraisers to equip and train professionals who aid such families, addressing a gap in NHS support. This charity holds special significance for our team, as a member lost a child at 10 days old and found solace in 4Louis during that difficult period. They provide 8 types of tailored baby memory boxes, available in gender-specific colours and free of charge. Families can sponsor a box in their child’s name, which includes a card bearing that name. Each box contains items to help families cherish memories of their lost child

£2698.70 donated in 2023