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Our search process begins right after the initial discovery call. Once we have created a profile of the professional your business needs, we search across our community of the very best talent in ESG. Our search base covers both active and passive talent within the global and local community to ensure you’re getting access to the best.


Identification of ESG experts is the part that's easy for us. Our advanced search methods and knowledge allow us to narrow down a large talent pool to professionals that are the perfect fit for your business. We never overlook professionals who aren’t on the market – passive talent is our main focus.


As the candidates in our market are no longer responding to mass emails, LinkedIn Messages, high volume KPI'd calls or recruiters who don't understand the landscape they recruit in, things needed to change. This is why we founded WeEngage and engaging professionals is what we do best. We know how modern day recruiters should work, how to truly headhunt professionals and the approaches and information our candidates are interested in - so they naturally want to talk to us. We're not targeted on how many calls we make, but how many relationships we build in our networks. This is why companies choose WeEngage to engage the best ESG technology Professionals for them!

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Intelligent grids for a sustainable future working on grid management and grid planning software.


Intelligent home climate management leveraging IoT to reduce carbon emissions and fossil fuel consumption.


Your partner for climate calculation, reduction and ofsetting to help companies reduce their carbon emissions and make an impact.