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Ever wondered what we can do to make solar panels more accessible? What exactly can we do, particularly, when not everyone has a roof or room to install them on? Keen to reduce your fossil fuel consumption, but only have space on your balcony. Surely, you can’t install solar panels onto a balcony?

Well, welcome to WeDoSolar. 

An incredible business owned by the equally incredible Karolina Attspodina who, with the team, has created a high-quality solar panel set for balconies to ensure that no matter where you live, or available space renewable energy products are available to you!

Here’s everything you need to know!

About Karolina Attspodina

So, Who is Karolina? Karolina is an entrepreneur ready and driven to change. A business owner who understands the importance of reducing our carbon footprint, eliminating the use of fossil fuels in energy generation, and using innovative solutions such as solar panel balconies to step into a new era of energy. 

Karolina is a Ukrainian businesswoman doing her part to contribute to our planet.  She is passionate about encouraging ordinary citizens to come together to assist in the energy transition by utilising space that you might not even realise has the potential to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. 

She’s a strong advocate for solar energy because she sees the convenience behind this renewable energy source and how we can all integrate it into our daily lives. 

Karolina Attspodina

Who is WeDoSolar?

In a nutshell, WeDoSolar is Karolina’s company that focuses on vertical solar solutions, with the first product being a smart solar system for your balcony – that provides premium, extremely light and super thin solar panels in Europe. The objective behind this is to reduce your carbon footprint and save money on your electricity bills. It’s possible to power up to 25% of your home through their innovative solution!

What’s the point of all this? WeDoSolar aims to make solar energy easily accessible to all people in order to achieve its goal of climate neutrality. 

This CleanTech company believes that everyone should be able to live in a carbon-neutral manner. Our governments are doing their best to implement or at least try to implement renewables but let’s be honest, every single one of us can make a contribution to our climate and help the energy transition to happen faster. The company will also offer its solar set for implementation in large companies to increase people’s motivation to take part in local energy transition and reduce greenhouse gases. Each employee will benefit from a lower energy bill while the employer pays the cost of the solar panels, so employees will not even have to worry about paying for it – they will just enjoy the benefits of lower energy bills! One thing is for sure – WeDoSolar leads by example in the following ways:

  • Making cities more green, inclusive and sustainable
  • Ensures access to sustainable, reliable, modern, and affordable energy for all
  • Demonstrates that everyone regardless of where they live can support the energy transition 
  • Proves there are more solutions out there to help stop our reliance on fossil fuels

WeDoSolar Balcony Installation

The Ugly Truth About Energy Transition

In her article, “The Ugly Truth About Energy Transition,” Karolina addressed the harsh reality that we face in terms of the energy transition, particularly in Europe – sadly this became more noticeable after the tragic break out of the Russian invasion into Ukraine. According to Karolina, Germany alone spends more than €700 million daily on gas transactions. That sounds absurd, doesn’t it? This is because Germany happens to be extremely reliant on energy imports. 

Furthermore,  Karolina believes that the number of imports is only going to increase as nuclear power and coal are supposed to phase out slowly. If you’re interested in facts regarding pipelines and gas reserves in Germany, this article covers it all. 

While all these facts are eye-opening, let’s move on to the real topic of discussion here: The dependence on non-renewable sources for energy production. 

Renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power, have gained a great deal of traction in recent years; however, are they currently being used effectively to provide Europe with green energy? This article addresses the fact that many start-ups exist but that finding the capital and getting enough people to understand the importance of the matter is a major challenge. Governments are often supportive of initiatives like this; however, the procedures to gain funding are so drawn out that the companies end up failing before getting any assistance. 

This takes us right back to square one.  Karolina stresses the importance that now is the time to make moves considering that Russia has the rest of Europe wrapped around its finger. Thus, instead of relying on these gas purchases, the rest of Europe needs to turn to environmentally-friendly energy solutions. 

Considering the urgency of the current matter, what better time to start? 

This is not only going to take a stand when it comes to the ongoing war, but it will also reduce people’s energy bills and reduce carbon emissions, thus doing our part for our climate and a healthy future for generations to come.  

Why Do We Need to Move Away from Burning Fossil Fuels?

We’re constantly hearing that we need to find renewable energy sources; however, do you know why burning fossil fuels is such a bad thing? Using coal, gas, and oil as our sources of energy leads to the following issues:

  • The release of CO2 into the atmosphere is causing overheating of the planet and with that said, climate change is our biggest enemy 
  • Overheating of the planet is causing snow and ice to melt which is directly causing global warming and the availability of freshwater supply
  • Poor air quality which causes respiratory diseases 
  • Water pollution from oil spills instantly becomes toxic 
  • Natural disasters like fires, sea level rises and extreme weather conditions
  • Increased energy prices because resources are limited 

As you can see, we need to start phasing out fossil fuels now, before it’s too late. Fortunately, innovative solutions, such as the one offered by WeDoSolar, can help us start our transition into the new world of energy. 
Are you searching for a solution like this for your balcony or just interested to read more about WeDoSolar? Get in touch with them directly

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