Who are the LFCA? (Leaders for climate action)

Climate change is something that everyone should be aware of. This phenomenon is primarily caused by the emission of greenhouse gases, such as methane, nitrous oxide, and carbon dioxide. 

Humans have hindered the planet’s ozone layer even more since the industrial and agricultural revolution, and it seems that there is no stopping these industries unless we take action as soon as possible. Over the years, many governments and other world leaders have started to take note of the problems that climate change is bringing to our environment. But, companies can make a huge impact too, by getting together united by one mission. 

Groups like the Leaders for Climate Action have emerged to fight climate change and bring balance again to the world. WeEngage is a member of the LFCA, and we wanted to write about them, and the incredible work they do, who founded it, why it started, and who is helping the group on its mission.

Why the LFCA Began

The discussion of possible actions to fight climate change began in a private circle of founders from a Berlin start-up ecosystem. In 2019, the group finally decided to take concrete action to prevent global warming on a more significant scale. 

With the clear intention of contributing to the fight against the climate crisis, the team started making their dream a reality. Each member wants to ensure that their grandchildren and children still have an inhabitable planet when they grow up! 

The Starting Point for Leaders for Climate Action

The founder of Leaders for Climate Action, Boris Wasmuth, has hosted an annual network event for the last several years. In 2019, Boris invited Fabian Heilemann to host a “wake up” presentation at the company’s gathering. 

This event was known as “Berlin 2.0.” After the initial presentation, there was exceptionally positive feedback from fellow entrepreneurs and business people who wanted to join Leaders for Climate Action on its journey. 

During this moment, the non-profit organisation was founded, and the rest, as they say, is history. The organization signals to policymakers that the new economy is ready for more decisive political climate action and supports businesses systematically taking climate action. 

What Leaders for Climate Action Do

The Leaders for Climate Action run a community-driven online platform for climate change. You can use its platform to take concrete steps towards and beyond your business’s climate goals. It has partnered with industry-leading companies, such as Universal Studios, Spotify, BlaBlaCar, and many others. 

Moreover, not only does Leaders for Climate Action offer an intuitive platform for companies that want to make a difference, but it also hosts climate strikes worldwide to gain the attention of governments and corporates. 

The community at Leaders for Climate Action is passionate and regularly shares the progress and actions performed to get closer to their goals. You can visit the LFCA website to learn more about what companies are doing to lower their carbon footprint.

The Future of Leaders for Climate Action

There is no stopping the snowball effect created by the efforts of the Leaders for Climate Action. The non-profit organization constantly adds new ideas to its website, blog, and platform that help businesses worldwide operate more sustainably. 

Companies can apply to Leaders for Climate Action’s latest campaign to help create awareness of the ever-growing problem our planet is facing. Leaders for Climate Action are constantly looking for solutions to our issues owning digital businesses, especially regarding infrastructure emissions. 


No matter what kind of business you own or work for, it is never too late to get involved in saving the planet. It is the only earth we have, so it’s our responsibility to look after it. Leaders for Climate Action are paving the pathway to a greener future, and 1000’s are joining the journey. 

What are you waiting for? Join Leaders for Climate Action and start reducing the carbon footprint your business has on the earth. 

Take a look at what the WeEngage Group does to help fight climate change through our climate commitment Our Climate Commitment

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