Recent CleanTech Funding Rounds So Far in Q4 in the US

So far, Q4 of 2023 has already witnessed a number of hugely impactful funding
rounds for some really exciting CleanTech companies in the USA.
In this article we will look further into a few stand out funding rounds this Q4, which
have set the stage for transformative advancements and promising innovations in
the sector.

Syzygy Plasmonics
Syzygy Plasmonics, a pioneer in the field of nanophotonics based in Houston, Texas,
secured a substantial funding round in October, led by Mitsubishi, aimed at
advancing their groundbreaking work in harnessing light for energy applications.
Syzygy Plasmonics’ reactor is powered by light and operates at over 1,000°F lower
temperatures than regular reactors, cutting down on maintenance costs and the
impact on the environment. The reactor can also start or stop making hydrogen gas
almost instantaneously, which helps fuel cell vehicle companies produce cheap
hydrogen gas wherever needed.
Their innovative technologies hold the potential to revolutionize solar energy capture
and storage, offering more efficient and cost-effective solutions for the CleanTech

The electrification of transportation continues to gain momentum, with EVPassport
securing noteworthy funding in a recent private equity round of $200 million.
EVPassport offers a specialized electric vehicle charging platform tailored for
mission-focused businesses. Their platform boosts customer interaction by offering
personalized hardware alongside software powered by APIs, seamlessly integrating
with the businesses’ current applications and services.
EVPassport’s focus on enhancing the infrastructure and user experience for electric
vehicle (EV) charging stations is a significant step toward accelerating the global
adoption of EVs with the investment aiming to further this.

Selected as a Global CleanTech 100 company 2 years in a row, Omnidian is key
player in the field of solar asset management. In October, they successfully
concluded a venture round, securing $25 million from 8 investors. This funding
supports their cutting-edge monitoring and maintenance solutions designed for solar
Backed by the DOE SunShot Program, which accelerates the advancement of highly
impactful solar technologies, Omnidian’s innovative approach promises to optimize
the performance and longevity of solar assets and protect the capital invested in the
industry, ensuring a more reliable and efficient renewable energy infrastructure.

Perch Energy
Perch Energy, a rising star in the realm of residential energy solutions, successfully
raised a total of $30 million from asset manager Nuveen that aims to drive their
mission of expanding access to clean and cost-efficient energy.
Recognized as a 2022 “Company of the Year” in The Cleanie Awards, Perch
understands that in a lot of cases, access to community solar is the only way to
make it possible for some households to participate in solar programmes. Therefore,
their focus on empowering homeowners with renewable energy options through
innovative financing models and technology integration marks a pivotal step in
making sustainable energy more accessible to all.
This investment in Q4 will assist in establishing Perch as the foremost partner in
acquiring and managing solar farms for developers and owners in the industry.

Electric Hydrogen
Electric Hydrogen, a company specializing in hydrogen production and its integration
into the energy ecosystem, secured a substantial Series C funding round in October,
raising $380 million.
Offering hydrogen solutions for industries, infrastructure and transportation, Electric
Hydrogen is revolutionizing electrolysis to make it competitive in terms of cost and
scale compared to less eco-friendly hydrogen sources,
Their efforts to develop affordable, highly efficient hydrogen systems that don’t rely
on fossil fuels represent a crucial advancement in reducing CO2 emissions.

These five Q4 funding rounds signify a clear and robust investment trend in
companies dedicated to driving the CleanTech revolution forward. The increase of
capital into these innovative ventures showcases a collective commitment towards
sustainable, clean energy solutions and demonstrates the growing importance and
potential of the CleanTech sector in shaping a greener future.

At WeEngage, we are proud to support companies and individuals who share our
commitment to a more sustainable future. Get in touch today to find out how you can
be a part of it.

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