New York Announces Exciting EV Charging Infrastructure Program

In an announcement last week, New York Governor Kathy Hochul introduced significant enhancements to the state’s electric vehicle (EV) “make-ready” program, aiming to expedite the shift to zero-emission electric vehicles.

Projections suggest that these program alterations will generate an estimated $4 billion investment influx into the electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the near future.

Governor Hochul emphasized the state’s commitment to achieving its leading climate objectives, stating, “To reach our nation-leading climate goals, New York is energizing our transition to a clean transportation future. More New Yorkers are making the switch to electric vehicles, and we’re working hard to build accessible charging infrastructure across the state. The program improvements announced today will encourage more people to own EVs, helping to build a clean and sustainable future.”

The Public Service Commission (PSC) approved several key modifications to the EV Make-Ready Program, specifically focusing on four significant areas to support clean transportation, particularly in underserved communities. These changes include the introduction of a new micro-mobility make-ready program, enhancements to the medium and heavy-duty make-ready pilot, and the introduction of new beneficial rates and programs for commercial EV-charging customers. The overarching goal of these initiatives, as per the Governor’s Office, is to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles and curtail emissions in New York.

The enthusiasm for these changes isn’t restricted to government officials; private enterprises are equally enthusiastic about the program and the opportunities it presents. Lyft’s VP of Public Policy, Caroline Samponaro, expressed, “Electrifying our transportation network is a crucial step in helping reverse the negative impacts of climate change, a goal we share with the State of New York. That’s why the investments being made here today are so important. They will help break down the primary barriers to widespread EV adoption, while also allowing us to charge Citi Bike ebikes on the street. We applaud Governor Hochul and the Department of Public Service for their leadership on this crucial issue.””

Echoing this sentiment, Frank Reig, CEO and Co-Founder of Revel, renowned for its blue Tesla rideshare vehicles in New York, commended Governor Hochul for initiating a future of cleaner transport. He stated, “Governor Hochul has opened the door to EVs in New York, and with them a promise of a cleaner future for our state, Revel is bringing the largest network of public fast charging infrastructure to the communities that will benefit most from zero-emission EVs. The Governor’s new buildout program ensures our commitment to NYC will succeed.”

These developments are part of a more extensive effort outlined by the governor’s office, showcasing New York State’s commitment to a comprehensive climate agenda. This agenda not only focuses on creating sustainable job opportunities for the community but also endeavours to foster a green economy across all sectors, not limited to transportation. Critically, it aims to ensure that at least 35% (with a goal of 40%) of the advantages from these clean energy investments benefit underfunded communities.

Moving forward, it is important for the industry to continue pursuing similar goals. Currently, the accessibility of clean energy solutions such as home solar and EVs poses challenges for many due to higher entry costs. However, the tangible benefits of these solutions emphasise the importance of striving for greater accessibility in the future.

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