10 CleanTech Companies Making Waves in the US

In today’s ever-changing job market, a strong focus on sustainability and environmental
responsibility is becoming increasingly important. Up and coming CleanTech companies are
at the forefront of this movement, offering innovative solutions to reduce our
environmental footprint while creating job opportunities for the future. At WeEngage, we
are committed to connecting talent with businesses that share these values. In this article,
we will showcase 10 CleanTech companies in the US to keep on your radar that are making
a significant impact this year.

But first, what is CleanTech and GreenTech?

Clean technology, often abbreviated as CleanTech, is any system, product, or service
designed to minimize detrimental environmental impacts through substantial reductions in
emissions, the utilization of renewable resources, or dedicated environmental preservation.
On the other hand, GreenTech, or green technology, involves the application of green
chemistry, environmental studies, and environmental monitoring techniques to preserve
the natural environment and its resources.

Blink Charging (https://blinkcharging.com)

Blink Charging is a CleanTech company at the forefront of the electric vehicle charging
revolution. With a focus on sustainable transportation, Blink has built an extensive network
of electric vehicle charging stations, making green mobility more accessible. Their innovative
charging solutions cater to a variety of electric vehicle models, helping to reduce range
anxiety, a common concern for electric vehicle drivers. As the world shifts towards electric
mobility, Blink Charging’s commitment to eco-friendly transportation infrastructure
positions them as a pivotal player in the clean tech industry.

Wallbox Charger (https://wallbox.com/)

Wallbox Charger is a global company dedicated to changing the way the world uses energy
in the electric vehicle industry. Specializing in advanced electric vehicle charging solutions,
Wallbox is at the forefront of innovation, aligning environmental consciousness with
cutting-edge technology.
With sleek, user-friendly designs and intelligent connectivity, Wallbox Charger has rapidly
gained traction in the US, making EV charging more efficient and accessible. Wallbox’s
dedication to CleanTech is making a significant impact, contributing to a more sustainable
and eco-friendly future.

PowerFlex (https://www.powerflex.com/)

PowerFlex is revolutionizing the energy sector by bringing all your clean energy needs under
one roof. With a focus on intelligent energy management, PowerFlex provides advanced
solutions for optimizing and decarbonizing energy usage. Their innovative platform seamlessly
integrates renewable energy sources, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, and grid management.
PowerFlex’s adaptive technology empowers businesses and communities to reduce carbon footprints,
enhance energy resilience, and save costs. Through dynamic load management and sophisticated
energy analytics, they’re promoting sustainability and grid stability, making them a key player
in the US CleanTech industry.

EVgo (https://www.evgo.com/)

With a comprehensive network of EV fast-charging stations, EVgo has transformed the EV
landscape, making sustainable transportation more accessible and convenient. Their user-
friendly platform and strategically located charging stations provide a seamless charging
experience, fostering the adoption of clean energy vehicles.
The company’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond infrastructure, driving
innovations in renewable energy integration and grid reliability.
EVgo plays a vital role in promoting a cleaner, more sustainable future by enabling EV
drivers to power their vehicles with ease and efficiency.

FlexGen (http://www.flexgen.com)

FlexGen is on a mission to transform the energy landscape. Specializing in advanced energy
storage and power management solutions, FlexGen is reshaping the way we harness and
utilize electricity. Their cutting-edge technology optimizes power infrastructure, enhancing
efficiency and sustainability.
With their focus on grid reliability, energy resilience, and sustainability, FlexGen are a
driving force in accelerating the adoption of clean, eco-friendly energy solutions, making a
positive impact on the environment and the energy industry.

GridX (https://gridx.com)

GridX makes it easy for utilities and their customers to know the exact value of clean energy
With user-friendly technology and advanced data analytics, GridX empowers businesses and
communities to enhance energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, and bolster grid
resilience. GridX is a vital player in driving the transition towards sustainable energy
solutions, paving the way for a greener, more efficient energy ecosystem in the US.

Moxion Power (https://www.moxionpower.com)

Moxion Power leads the way in innovative mobile energy storage products and
technologies, reshaping how their customers utilize power and fostering a more sustainable
future for all.
They are committed to providing cutting-edge Clean Technology, revolutionizing how good
energy moves through the world, with their most recent advancement the MP-75, an
intelligent mobile battery built to replace diesel generators.
Moxion Power’s commitment to continuous innovation and desire to leave an enduring
positive impact on the planet makes them a key player in the US CleanTech industry.

EnergyHub (https://www.Energyhub.com)

EnergyHub stands as a dynamic force in energy management. Their innovative solutions
provide an all-encompassing approach to grid optimization and home energy management. 

EnergyHub’s technology seamlessly integrates various energy resources, including renewable
sources, electric vehicle charging, and energy storage, to create efficient, responsive, and 
eco-friendly energy ecosystems. With user-centric design and intelligent data analytics, EnergyHub
empowers utilities, consumers, and businesses to make informed energy decisions. Their commitment
to environmental sustainability and grid stability positions them at the forefront of CleanTech advancements.

Pano (https://www.pano.ai/)

Pano is a connected, intelligent platform for wildfire management that helps to detect
threats, confirm fires, and disseminate information to responders, faster than ever before.
Pano Rapid Detect supports fire professionals and businesses by speeding up response time
by empowering detection specialists with enhanced visual equipment and rapid data
analysis, supported by AI. This makes it possible to quickly identify and contain devastating
wildfires, protecting land, lives and forests, considerably reducing potential environmental

Sunrun (https://www.sunrun.com)

Sunrun is a key player in the solar and home energy industry. They have created a significant
niche in the market by making clean energy accessible to homeowners across the United
States. Sunrun’s innovative solar solutions, including solar panels and home battery storage,
offer not only cost savings but a more sustainable and reliable energy source.
Their approach centres on user-friendliness and convenience, enabling customers to
transition to solar energy seamlessly. As a key player in the residential solar market, Sunrun
is helping to power a cleaner, more sustainable future for countless American households.


These 10 CleanTech companies in the US are demonstrating a promising connection
between sustainability and organisational growth, and we are excited to see how they
continue to develop this year. At WeEngage, we are proud to support companies and
individuals who share our commitment to a greener and more sustainable future. Get in
touch today to find out how you can be a part of it.

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